Psychological Service for Parents, Carers and Families


Workshops for Parents and Carers  


Throughout 2018, Transitions will be launching a series of workshops designed to address concerns around anxiety, resilience and behaviour. These workshops will focus on the delivery of information that will provide parents and carers with ideas on how to intervene in a helpful way and is supported by scientific evidence and literature.  

The workshops will be open to parents and carers who have concerns about a child or young person's emotional and/or behavioural experiences and who want to promote resilience and work towards psychological wellbeing.

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    Support For Parents and Carers 


    Transitions offers private consultation and support to parents, families and carers who are worried about a child and/or young person and who want to discuss their concerns and how best to intervene.

    Transitions recognises that parenting and caring for children and young people can be challenging and that, despite best efforts, sometimes issues arise.

    During these times, it can be helpful to talk with someone who has a psychological understanding and experience of these types of difficulties and who can work in a way that takes account of the child or young person's individuality.    

    This may include:  


    • Anxiety 
    • Disruptive behaviour 
    • Self esteem 
    • Adjustment to change
    • Toileting 
    • Sleeping 
    • Feeding

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    Psychological Therapy for Parents and Carers


    Transitions offers private individual psychological therapy for parents and carers. Transitions is aware that parents and carers are people too, and that sometimes specific events and feelings can impact the parenting/carer experience. Maybe you want want to approach your role as a parent/carer in a different way, using different techniques or applying a different style but are finding it difficult to make the changes you want to make.

    Maybe you are worried about how your feelings about yourself, others or the world are influencing your enjoyment of the parenting/carer experience. Maybe you are working on your own emotional and/or behavioural wellbeing and your motivation for change is driven by your role as a parent/carer. Whatever the case, Transitions can help.  

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